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Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Privacy
Entango was founded for the purpose of helping nonprofit organizations ("NPOs") receive online transactions inexpensively and efficiently. Entango understands the concerns that nonprofit organizations have with protecting the integrity of nonprofit supporter information. We also understand the concerns nonprofit supporters have with using their credit cards online. It is therefore in Entango's best interest to protect nonprofit supporters' credit card information in order to provide our customers with the best service possible. We have developed the following Privacy Policy to fulfill our commitment to nonprofit supporter privacy.

Credit Card Numbers
When a nonprofit supporter uses Entango-enabled services to make an online transaction, the credit card billing information, including the name on the nonprofit supporter's card, billing address, and expiration date, is used to process the transaction. All this information is encrypted using SSL, industry standard secure technology. This encryption is designed to prevent theft or interception of the information.

Unlike retailers, who commonly keep complete credit card numbers in case there is a billing dispute, Entango stores only encrypted versions of nonprofit supporters' credit card numbers. The nonprofit organization has access to only the last four digits of the number, and a transaction identification number issued by Entango for identification purposes. However, in a case such as a billing dispute, it may be necessary for the nonprofit to have access to the entire credit card number. In such a case, Entango will try to help the nonprofit resolve the billing dispute with only the encrypted number. If that is not possible, Entango ensures that the nonprofit supporter's credit card number is released only to authorized employees of the nonprofit involved.

Transacting online with Entango will not open your credit card information to dissemination. Entango does not disclose, sell, trade, rent, or otherwise reveal nonprofit supporters' credit card information to third parties, including advertisers or marketers. This information is only used to process the transaction.

Email Addresses
Entango collects the nonprofit supporters' email addresses to send them confirmation of the transaction for the nonprofit supporters' records. Entango will automatically send updates on information such as transaction activity and password changes as a security measure; personal page access schedules, and other periodic reports unless the nonprofit supporter checks the box on the online transaction form requesting not to be sent any such information.

Entango will not disclose, sell, trade, rent, or otherwise reveal nonprofit supporters' email addresses with a third party, other than the nonprofit receiving the transaction.

Each nonprofit may have a privacy policy that differs from Entango's. Please refer to the nonprofit organization for its own privacy policy. Entango is not responsible for any uses of nonprofit supporter information by the nonprofit organization.

Other Nonprofit supporter Information
As for the nonprofit supporter's other personally identifiable information, Entango may disclose aggregate use statistics (for example, 50% of our users are male) in order to describe our services to prospective partners, investors, and otherwise relevant third parties. Such disclosed information will not include any personal information about individual nonprofit supporters. Other than this statistical use, Entango does not disclose, sell, trade, rent, or otherwise reveal personal information about individual nonprofit supporters to third.

The Online Transaction Privacy Policy outlined above is subject to any legal requirements of disclosure dictated by statute or by an order of an appropriate court of law.


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